Annual general meeting 2022

To members of the Danish Society for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (DSMKB)

Notice is hereby given that the ordinary annual general meeting of the DSMKB will be held on Tuesday, 15th November at 3:00 pm. The general meeting will be held via Zoom:


1. Election of chairman of the meeting and minute writer.

2. Report by the chairman of the board regarding activities during the past year and ideas and plans for next year.

3. Presentation by the treasurer of the audited annual report for adoption, and an overview of the financial prospects for next year.

4. Report by the DSMKB representative of the Chemical Society board of representatives.

5. Reports by committees appointed by the board of directors.

6. Proposals from the board of directors.

7. Proposals from the members.

8. Membership fee.

9. Election of board members.

10. Election of auditor.

11. AOB.

Proposals that you wish to submit to the annual general meeting must be submitted to the chairman Trond Ulven no later than 5th November.

Best regards on behalf of the board

Andreas Ritzén, 21st October 2022