24. marts 2018

Symposium 2018

Our inaugural half-day symposium brought together around 100 academic and industrial scientists as well as PhD students, and featured a keynote lecture by Stuart Conway from the University of Oxford (UK). It provided ample opportunities for networking, a poster session, and a reception at the end of the day.


13.00-13.05     Welcome (Trond Ulven)

13.05-14.00     Stuart Conway (Univ. of Oxford)
Internal hydrogen bonds in the design of CREBBP bromodomain ligands

14.00-14.30     Luigi Piero Stasi (Nuevolution)
DNA Encoded Library Technology: From hits to clinical candidates

14.30-15.00     Coffee break

15.00-15.45     Young investigators (nominees for the EFMC YI prize)

Nima Rajabi
Developing Mechanism-based Inhibitors of the Human Sirtuin 5 Deacylase

Jorge Peiró
Reactive oxygen species sensitive prodrugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases

15.45-16.15     Thomas B. Poulsen (AU)
Natural products guiding the search for new therapeutic targets

16.15-16.45     Coffee break

16.45-17.15     Daniel Greve (LEO Pharma)
Discovery of Janus kinase inhibitors for topical treatment of psoriasis

17.15-17.45     Jesper Langgaard Kristensen (KU) Inaugural lecture:
Development of selective Serotonin 2A receptor agonists

17.45-17.50     EFMC YI winner announced

17.50-19.00   Reception and poster session


  1. Kaja Borup Løvschall, Alexander N. Zelikin
    Macromolecular (pro) drugs as broad-spectrum antiviral agents
  2. Raoul Walther, Signe M. Nielsen, Rikke Christiansen, Rikke Louise Meyer, Alexander N. Zelikin
    Self-immolative linkers pave the way to fluoroquinolone glucuronide produgs: A proof of concept study to treat implant associated biofilms
  3. Camilla Kaas Frich,Alexander N. Zelikin
    Albumin-polymer-drug conjugates: Combination therapy with extended circulation time
  4. Nima Rajabi, Marina Auth, Kathrin R. Troelsen, Martin Pannek, Martin Fontenas, Clemens Steegborn, Andreas S. Madsen, and Christian A. Olsen
    Mechanism-based inhibitors of the human sirtuin 5 deacylase
  5. Mads Holmgaard Kaspersen, Christoffer Vogsen Heidtmann, Laura Jenkins, Julia Dunlop, Graeme Milligan and Trond Ulven
    Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of hydroxyfatty acids and synthetic analogues on GPR84


Auditorium A4
Dept. of Drug Design and Pharmacology
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 2
2100 Copenhagen